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Sunday, November 9, 2008


fatwood is an excellent source to start a fire. it can be found in the stumps of old pine trees. look for a rotten stump. the bigger stumps seem to have a better concentration of the fatwood. you'll need a hatchet, axe or other strong cutting tool. when you find your stump, kick off the rotten wood. take your hatchet and cut into the top of the stump. if it is solid, you probably have some good fatwood. cut off a sliver of the wood and smell it. if it smells like pine resin, you are in business. if it smells like earth or dirt, keep chopping. it will also have a reddish tint to parts of it. this is where the highest concentration or resin is.

when you get the sliver off, cut a small piece out. find the reddish area and take your knife and scrape the sliver to make fuzz. you'll want a pile about an inch square, depending on your weather conditions.

once you have your pile of fuzz, take your lighting device and light it. i used my ferro rod and got fire on the first strike. now you can lay the rest on the fatwood sliver on the fuzz fire or if you already have your fire lay set up you can get your fire going.

Try it next time your out.

God Bless,

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