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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday on a sandbar

Saturday I met Merriwether, Clark and one of my co workers at a new spot (to me) on Panther Creek. It was one of those sit by the fire and eat while the kids play in the sand kinda days. Of course we had to have a fire, what would an outdoor chat be without a fire. Once the fire was going good, Merriwether broke out his world famous stick bread mix. He made 4 loaves. It was a hit.

Merriwether with his bread mix

While he was making his, I started mixing up my batch. It was too loose to stick to a stick, so a can was cleaned and the dough went in. Set the can in the coals and pile up coals around the can to sorta make an oven. It turned out pretty good, though it could have cooked a little more in the middle. Merriwethers bread was quite good. I'm going to have to steal his recipe.

Both batches of bread cooking

Soup can oven

While all this was going on, I burned a few more cans to make some more hobo cups. Several folks have asked for one. I'll change them up a bit. I also boiled some creek water to make some cocoa to sip on.

After the meat and bread made it's rounds, I cut some bamboo in small sections to make a bird trap. It didn't work well in the sand. I would also suggest using something other than bamboo. The surface of the bamboo is too smooth and they slide on each other too much. The rough texture of tree bark would hold the trap together better. The trigger was made from a couple of twigs found on the sand bar.

Bird trap didn't get used, just playin around

It was a great time. Look forward to doing it again soon.

God Bless Yall

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