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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ferrocium Fire Starting Rods

This is my preferred method of starting a fire in the woods. I have been needing to add a loop for one on my Mora pouch for some time. So today I cut one out and piggybacked it on the back side of the sheath. You can also see me preferred method of attaching my knife to me. With a clip, I can attach it and remove it without taking my belt off and it can move around as I sit or stand, etc.

I should have made it longer tp cover more of the rod. Oh well, next time.

I used Aboyna Burl for the handle. I have enough for several handles. This is pretty cool wood.

God Bless Yall

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Keith said...

No, sorry, can't go along with this one. It is flint, steel & tinderbox for me every time. It is the skill and knowledge that goes with it besides its dependability. Regards, Keith.
Check my book out here incase you are interested: http://livinghistorytraders.blogspot.com/

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