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Monday, February 16, 2009

Jesse Jones Park; Humble, Texas

If you ever have a chance, you need to get out to Jesse Jones Park. They have a nice selection of activities for all ages. Check out the schedule of events. If you wonder who Jesse Jones is, you can read about him here.

One of my favorite areas in the park is Redbud Hill Homestead. There is a bread oven, log cabin, blacksmith shop. It's really neat.

There is also the Akokisa Indian Village. It is pretty cool too.

Normally the second Saturday in February Is Homestead Heritage Day. This year it was the first Saturday since the second Saturday was Valentines Day.

Go ahead and make plans to come out the second Saturday of November for Pioneer Days. I have not been to this event yet. If it is anything like Heritage Days, it is sure to please.

Take your family outside, get some Vitamin D, and build some memories that will truly last.

God Bless Yall

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