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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Layed Off

Well, I've become one of the number of folks that have lost their job to all this economic junk going on. I guess now I'll have some time to make some knives, finish up some projects around the house and go fishin.

I have already received a few side job offers. Are they still called side jobs if you don't have a main job? I might be going into the handyman business. Now I need to think up a name for my handyman business. Any ideas?

Whatever happens, I know my Heavenly Father is in control. I look forward to see where all this goes.

God Bless Yall!


American Bushman said...

That's too bad. At least you're already looking for the silver lining.

Heck, I got laid off six years ago and it became a full-time gig for me staying at home with the kids.

Plus, any opportunity for more fishin' is a good one. :)

Good luck,


Keith said...

Bad luck, I have been there too. I could give you some work if you were closer, but you are a might too far away to make travel an option!
Regards, Keith.
PS. Why not use your own name for the business, plus something to install trust, like "Dependable and at a price we can both live with". Just an idea.

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