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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Creek on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

We decided it would be a beautiful day to hang out at the creek, relax and let the kids play. So we loaded up and headed down there. Here we are under Riley Fuzzel bridge.

When we got there I started looking for fire wood and found a birch tree that was ready to give me some sap. This one was a willing candidate. Unfortunately, the sap started running down the tree instead of the tap about halfway thru the bottle. So I didn't get as much as I hoped. I didn't stay and watch it. I set it and forgot it.

We brought a few packs of hot dogs and buns. This is an excellent method of cooking them. The really cooked up nice. I used sycamore as the skewers.

By the time we got done doing hot dogs, marshmallows and all the other fun campfire stuff, it was time to go check the tap. I had just enough to make one cup of pine needle tea.

All in all it was a great day with my family and friends. I am truly blessed!

God Bless Yall


Brad said...

Now, my daughter and I skipped Riley Fuzzle and went to the preserve off Budde and to the bridge there.
Maybe next time, we'll meet.

Wildcat said...

Panther Creek is a nice area. We go to Riley Fuzzel because it is closer to the house.

Keith said...

Try whittling a tap next time, should not be hard with a good clasp knife. Just a simple sharpened small stake placed ammediately below the tap hole to guide the sap. Keith.

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