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Monday, September 21, 2009

Boys axe finished

I picked up a new handle from the hardware store. Scraped all the lacquer finish off. Added a coat of stain and then three coats of boiled linseed oil. I think it came out pretty nice. It is a little bigger than I wanted, but it is still pretty lightweight.

I contemplated giving the head a total redo and mirror polish, but I love the dark patina so much.

I need to get to the woods and try it out on a few Chinese Tallow trees.

God Bless Yall

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Le Loup said...

Nice looking axe. My Father gave me a felling axe when I was about age 7 years. I tried to take it to bed with me putting it under the pillows, but my Mother made me keep it under the bed.
From then on it was my job to cut down the trees and haul them across flooded pasture to our home, where my Father and I would cut them into fire logs with a cross cut saw. They were the good old days.
Le Loup.

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