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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New axes and a lamp...

Smokey Mountain Knife Works had these Wetterlings 20H axes on sale. Plus if you spent more than $50, shipping was free. So Shiney and I each ordered one. This thing cuts surprisingly well. It should really cut good after I do little grinding on the profile of the edge.

One weekend we stopped at a flea market and I picked up this Collins double bit for $15. It is in great shape but the head is loose. I think a new wedge should fix that.

At a different flea market I picked up this "Betty Lamp" for the princely sum of $2. I stuck some jute twine in there for a wick and it works like a charm. I'm using citronella oil for fuel. This oil does NOT keep skeeters away, at least not around here.

Any idea's on a proper wick? Maybe one made out of field expedient materials?

God Bless Yall!


Merriwether said...

Walmart has 100% cotton "filler cord" in their fabrics/craft section. It is cotton rope with a secondary cotton netting around the outside. It comes in assorted sizes and is something like $2.50 for twenty feet. I think that might be a good wick.

Wildcat said...

sounds like that will work. thanks for the heads up!

Le Loup said...

I would suggest plant fibre cordage or try using some plant tinder material.
Le Loup.

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