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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Using our Souther Wax Myrtle

This morning my daugter decided to start stripping the berries off one of the wax myrtles in the front yard. She got about 3/4 cup of good berries. I have read that the waxy coating can be boiled off and used for making candles and the berry that is left can be put in a grinder and used as a spice.

Here are the berries after being boiled. There are alot of litte twigs in there so they will have to picked out prior to grinding.

This is how much wax you get from 3/4 cup of berries. It would probably take ten pounds of berries to make one candle.

In addition to the above mentioned uses, wax myrtle leaves can be added to soups abd stews for seasoning. In the spring, the bark of wax myrtle will slip allowing you to make a whistle this way...

There is still alot of berries to be picked. Maybe if we get enough wax I will try making a candle. Stay tuned.

God Bless Yall!


Izzy G. said...

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the wax used to be used as a lubricant in guns during the Napoleonic Wars.

Wildcat said...

interesting. i will have to do some research on that.

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