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Friday, April 9, 2010

A ferrocium fire starter for Shiney

Prolly a year ago, Shiney asked me to make him a custom ferro rod. Well, life (and death) happened and it was put on hold for quite some time. Since I spent a few days last week working on a knife I decided to get it knocked out. Here is what I came up with. Dark green canvas micarta over red and white spacers. It turned out pretty neat. The rod is 3/8".

I hope he likes it.

God Bless Yall!


91kcolg said...

HE LIKES IT! thanks WC it looks great. it will be a welcome addition to my Wildcat collection. the 3/8 rod should last a long time. thanks for helping the boy with his knife. we have created a monster, he wants to buy more blanks and put handles on them. he even hinted at buying a forge, just what did you two talk about. look forward to seeing the completed enzo.thanks again S

Le Loup said...

I do like your posts and find it very worthwhile following your great blog, but I do wish you would call a spade a spade! This is a ferral rod, not a fire steel. How can we hope to educate others if we confuse them with names belonging to other items of equipment?
With respect and regards.
(taking deep breaths).

Wildcat said...

actually (in the US) they are ferrocium rods, or ferro rods. i understand what you are saying though. a fire steel is struck against a piece of flint. the masses are calling them firesteels so i just fell in the trap.

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