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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My homemade spoon

I finally ordered and received a Mora #164 carving knife from Ragweed Forge. One night when it was cold with a nice fire going in the fire place, I sat in my chair and whittled this out. It is made out of a chunk of oak firewood. It was made using only hand tools. My hand saw, sheath knife and Wetterlings axe. After the spoon was sanded, it was rubbed with olive oil. I think it turned out pretty nice and now I am ready to make more. I plan to make a spatula and bigger serving spoons soon. I also plan on making a Kuksa cup soon.

Now I need to find some nice burl wood so I can make that Kuksa.

God Bless Yall

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Merriwether said...

Nice! I have several spoon-like objects laying around but none ever reached full-fledged spoondom. I need a crooked knife one of these days.

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