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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bernie Garland BushCrafter Knife

A few months back I found a knife that I thought was beautiful.  Did some diggin and found out it was made by Bernie Garland of England.  While I was surfing his site I discovered that he offers his fine knives in kit form so the end user can assemble the knife himself.  So I scrimped and scrounged, sold and traded old stuff and before I knew it I sent off my funds to Mr. Garland.

Two weeks later I had my knife blank.  1/8" 0-1 steel, scandi ground edge, in the classic bushcraft style.  While I was waiting on the blade, I ordered a set of Stabilized Spalted California Sycamore from Burl Source.  Once all the ingredients arrived, I threw them all together and ended up with this.  I made the Sheath too.

God Bless Yall!


Unknown said...

Great job on the handle and sheath for that knife. Where did you get the clip that you used on the sheath?

Wildcat said...

Google search "HK sling clip"

JamesGames said...

That knife is cool looking and amazing that you found it yourself.

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