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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Case Mini-Copperlock CV

My Saturday project.  I picked up a used cv copperlock and a white bone ss copperlock with the intent of swapping blades. i thought this might be a little less work than re-handeling the yellow delrin cuz im not ready to dive into a lock back yet. after i finished i stained the white bone with leather dye to give it some brown.

The yellow delrin knife is CV.  The white bone is stainless.  YUCK  Let's put the good blade on the good handle.

Both apart and awaiting transplant. 


YAY, no pin hole.....on this side.

Done.  I left the bolsters at 400 grit.  You can already see that they are getting scratched up from riding in my pocket for two days.  

 The good part of this is now I have an extra knife to give away to a deserving kid.  The great part is I have one of the few bone handle Copperlocks with CV blades. 

What will be the next project?  

God Bless Yall!

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