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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Straight grip mod on Marlin 30AW

I have been wanting a short, lever action carbine for some time.  I really wanted a Rossi 92 in .44 Mag or .45 Long Colt but they are outside of my gun budget right now.  I already had this Marlin 30AW for the last few years and it shoots well.  I decided not to buy another rifle and ammo and just use what I have.  So I did some research and reading and started looking at modifying this rifle.  Marlin makes/made a neat little carbine called a Spike Horn.  It is actually a 336Y youth model.  My end goal is to replicate this little Spike Horn.  I have to locate a few tools for the barrel trimming project before I begin that portion.  So today I just did the straight grip modification.  This is different than the 336Y, I know.  I just like the straight grip.

The finish on the stock looks like poo.  The "hardwood" must need a special stain to get even coverage.
Then I practiced cutting a few dovetails because I will have to cut a new dovetail for the front sight when I trim the barrel to 16.25".  I did this on a scrap piece of barrel I had in the parts bin. They turned out ok but I would rather wait till I can get a jig to cut it straight.

God Bless Yall!

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