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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Hawks Trapper Hatchet

i was at the gun show  this weekend.   as i was walking  along i looked into a  case on a table  and look  what i found.   a 2 hawks trapper hatchet.  it was practically new.  since i got it i have already rubbed some of the finish off.  whacking through oak logs will do that. one neat feature it has is its stamped with the pathfinder school logo.  in my brief research, only tomahawk style tools come up.  i will need to do more research to see what is going on.

at first glance, it is a chunky little hatchet.  it almost seems like it wouldn't be useful.  by my little electric scale, it weighs 17.10oz.  that all changes once you start chopping.  the chips start flying and you confirm that you made a good trade.  after chopping on some oak, i took my pocket diamond sharpener and the edge came right back to hair popping sharp.


and a german hatchet

God Bless Yall!

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