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Friday, January 30, 2009

Opinions on some Cups I have

I'm always searching for the perfect cup. I have a small collection here. I just thought I would share my thoughts on the cups I have. Starting top left and moving in a clockwise direction...

My cup collection

1. Don't know the name of it. Got it at Bass Pro Shops a few years back. It fits on a "Nalgene" bottle perfectly. I really like this cup. It is kinda big, in my opinion, to be a drinking cup. It is more of a pot by my standards. I keep it in the pack under the water bottle in case I need to boil some water or cook lunch.

2. Black enamel cup. Kinda heavy. The handle is too short. Fingers get hot when drinking coffee.

3. Blue enamel mug. This is another big mug. big enough to cook in if need be. It also has a short handle.

4. Grey enamel cup. I really like this one and carry it on occasion. Holds a good amount of liquid and it stays warm. I found it in an old house and now it is enjoying it's life as a cup again.

5. Sierra cup. I snagged this cup at the Goodwill store for $1. I thought I had finall found the perfect cup. It seems to be pretty popular. One thing I like about it is the width. That gives more surface area so when you set the cup on the hot coals, it rewarms your coffee quickly. Unfortunately this is also the downside of the cup. The width makes it really easy for the liquid to slosh out. If it had vertical walls, that might make it better. For now it sits in the gear box.

6. This is a small SS cup I got at Academy Sports and Outdoors a few years ago. It is just about perfect, in my opinion. Well, it would be if the carabiner clip handle was just a tad bit bigger. It has a taller skinny profile that helps prevent spills.

Well, there you have my two cents on some of the cups out there. As time and funds allow, I'll add more cups and opinions about them.

God Bless Yall

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