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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friction Folder Knives

I have loved this type of knife for some time. These two are my first attempts. One is all steel. The handle is mild steel. The blade is 0-1. The second is 1084 blade with whitetail deer antler. I've got some more ideas that I will try one day.

God Bless Yall


American Bushman said...

Man almighty! I like that bottom one.

Do you carry and use these? How do they cut?

Lookin' good!


Brad said...

I second that, the antler handle one is beautiful!

Wildcat said...

I have carried them, but don't normally. They cut well. I prefer the extra blades of my Old Timer Stockman, but I do love these knives.

Thanks for the nice comments.


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