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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guyot Squishy Bowls

I've had my eyes on one of these for a while. We have an REI that's not too far from the house. Just so happened that I was on that side of town tonight, so I stopped in and browsed around and picked up a Squishy bowl and cup. I wanted a green set, but they only had red and blue.

Initial impression is they are pretty neat. You can't set them on the fire like a metal cup. Though you can turn them inside out and lick them clean. Try doing that with a metal cup. Only a few trips will tell whether they are useful or just another gimmicky product to empty wallets. I will give a report after a few uses.

God Bless Yall!


Keith said...

I eat from my trade kettle and drink from my costrel or silver cup. No extra weight, not even a squishy one!
Regards, Keith.

Wildcat said...

i know it's not "traditional", but it is what i am using at this point. i have used the soldered tin cups and kettles. they are fine till they spring a leak and i get coffee stains on on my pretty white nylon hiking shorts. :)

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