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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Yall

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. No excuses.

On the plus side, I've been working on this the last few weeks. With the ammo prices going thru the roof and the shortages. I decided to break out the airgun and get it spiffed up.

I can buy a 500 round tin of top shelf pellets for $9 and a 30 pack of CO2 cartridges for $10. Cheap wadcutters are $2 for 250. Granted, it does not have the power of a .22LR, but it will drop a skwerl at 25 yards no problem. At least that is what I'm told. Airguns are illegal on game animals in The Great State of Texas. Hopefully that will change.

It is a Crosman 2240. So it is a .22. I added a 24" 2260 barrel. RJ Machine long breech and bolt. Shoulder stock. Polished the striker. Bored out the inside of the valve just a little. Angled the exhaust port. Stock pistol with 7" barrel is advertised at 460fps. With the long barrel and bored valve, this one should be around 625fps, but I have not chronied it. So that is just a guess. It hits pretty hard though.

On top is an old Tasco. It works for now. I want to eventually put something better on top.

RJ Machine does nice work.

God Bless Yall!


Merriwether said...

Nice! I just picked up a used Crossman Storm XT for $45. Using .177 hunting pellets it can hit 1200fps. We need to get together and put some holes in...soda cans.

Wildcat said...

thats a big 10 4

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