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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Condor Golok mini-review

I have always wanted a Golok and Parang. A year or two back Condor Knife and Tool started showing pics and teaser threads about this Golok and their Parang. I knew I had to have one when they came out since they are a fraction of the price of the beautiful and functional Valiant models. I got the latest copy of Smoky Mountain Knife Works catalog this month and there it was. I picked up the phone and placed my order. It was back orderd about a week, but it didn't take long to get here.

Overall Length is about 20.5". It had a sorta flat grind with no secondary bevel. After chopping some yaupon holly down, I convexed the edge. Can't really tell a lot of difference doing this, but I'm no champion chopper either.

It tapers from 1/4" at the handle to just under 3/16" at the tip.

Thanks to Shiney for turning me on to PVC sheaths. I had a section of pipe that was perfect for this job. After shaping, it was sanded down and given two coats of black Krylon fusion. Then left to sit in the sun all day.

Top of handle.


It fills the hand pretty good.

Overall it chops well and cuts through stuff up to an inch thick with one whack. It did chop one pine tree down that was the size of my wrist with three good whacks.

While we (me and dog) were out there we found a few burrows. I have been trying to train him to go in the hole and bring me some dinner. He is getting pretty good and going in. Now I just need to find one with a critter in it. He is a Toy Fox Terrier. If you know of any survival dog huntin trainers out there, let me know.

God Bless Yall!


Le Loup said...

Well I must admit, that though I am rather set in my ways at my age, and have already made my choices of tools, this perang does look rather good!
Don't be too eager to send yon dog down the burrow, if it cannot get out again you will have a lot of digging to do!!!

Murphyfish said...

Mmmmm now that does like an interesting piece of kit, me thinks I'll be checking one out (as soon as money is good), careful with that dog, as Le Loup points out I've wasted many an afternoon/evening in my youth digging a pesky jack russel called Fred out from numerous burrows!

Wildcat said...

do they get stuck in their or just so durn persistent chasing the critter that they won't come out?

Murphyfish said...

Fred was just a stubborn little bugger who would only emerge when he was could and ready (could take over 12 hours) but it is known over here for even the smallest of terriers to become stuck underground resulting in hours of back breaking digging (wabbits just like tunnels in soft ground do they?), so ferrets are the thing to use for burrowing little critters.

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