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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No more Jeepin

As yall know, I enjoy offroading.  As I've talkied about my 89 Jeep Cherokee XJ in the past.  Well, last June the XJ died.  I had several car docs look at it and tried throwing parts at it.  They couldn't accurately diagnose the cause.  So I parted it out.

I sold every last part.  I tried to sell the XJ whole for song, buy no one wanted it.  I took in more than double my asking price by parting it out.  Pretty sad considering all the time and energy I spent getting it just how I wanted.  But it was for the best because where one door closes, another opens.

During the time I was doing the part out, my wife totaled her car.  This paved the way for the new 4x4 grocery getter.  Stay tuned.

God Bless Yall!

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