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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The 4X4 Station Wagon

Back in November my wife's car was totaled.  Praise the Lord she and kids are ok!  So then the search for a new ride began.  It was decided that she would begin driving my Corolla and I would get another vehicle.  The hunt began on Craigslist for a 4x4 SUV type vehicle.  After a few weeks of searching, I swung in to a small mom and pop car dealership and there it was.  A 1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4, 3.0, 5speed.  When I asked how much, my jaw dropped.  $1800.  Then I asked, "Where do I sign?"

This is how it looked the day I brought it home.  First thing I did was replace all fluids.  They all looked good but I wanted to start with a new baseline on maintenance. Then I had to take off the step bars and get rid of those silly rims.  I had big plans.  Good thing people were steady buying parts off the XJ.  This allowed me to fund the T4R toys.

I learned alot about what to do and not do while building the XJ.  So on this truck I decided to only do a small lift and go straight to bumpers and lockers.  On the XJ I locked the front axle so I had to have the truck in 4wd all the time to use it.  With this truck I plan to lock the rear first.  90% of the time 2wd is all you need.  Plus the 7.5" diff up front is considered "weak". As it sits now...

Current mods:
Cragar Soft 8's, 15x7 w/at tires
OME901 coils
2" Ball Joint Spacers
Custom tube bumper (makers name withheld)
Mile Marker SEC8000 winch
TG extended brake lines
Warn locking hubs
Rear Cargo Storage system

Future plans:
Front/Rear Spartan Lockers (sitting on workbench)
CAD delete tube (sitting on workbench)
Rear bumper with tire swing
LED bar/pods up front
Rock Sliders
Bud Built Armor, full set.
Full vinyl wrap
TRD E-Locker 3rd member
Remove remaining chrome

And a pic of it's first offroad trip.  It did great.  I only need 4wd once.  When the rear locker is in, 4wd may rarely get used.  Granted the 4wd rarely gets used anyway.  This is my DD, so I have to take care of it.  So far I love this truck.  It fires off instantly and runs great.  I will be replacing the TPS soon.  That should help with mileage.  As of now I am getting 14.3mpg.  I have seen reports of mpg as high as 18, with 33" tires and a lift.  It's no prius, but it will go where no prius has ever gone before.

I want to get this bumper sticker....

God Bless Yall!

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